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Default GG's needs/rights

I will add,
GG doesn't participate (any more) in the boundary discussions with Maca because he see's it as a waste of his time.

His boundaries and needs aren't of importance to Maca and he knows it.

But, he also knows that they are to me. He and I talk and we go over what is or isn't working for us and I keep those things in mind in terms of what MY needs are when going over boundaries with Maca.

Thus, the boundaries that exist do meet GG and I's needs. They could be much more ingratiating to the depth of our relationship. But, the bottom line is, we don't either one struggle with the insecurities and fears that Maca does. But, we were part of the creation of those insecurities and we are both willing to make allowances to our freedoms as recompense.

The STI rules and the limits on what level of commitment is necessary for family involvement are actually both boundaries that I have included on GG's behalf. Also, the drug use is on GG's behalf.
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