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He SAYS repeatedly that he's dealt with it.
We're WELL aware that this is untrue.
The crux of the issue is that its impossible to MAKE someone deal with their shit.

So, it keep coming up, like the Garth Brooks song-We Bury the Hatchet.

Every time his world crumbles emotionally-he lashes back out at GG and I.

This time, it was 7 months of peace.

He says the primary issue is simply that he resents the 'inequality' that I have someone and he does not.

I could write for hours on the topic and get no where. He isn't interested in discovering how much more attractive he would be LONG TERM to others if he were to simply STOP.
Ironically, what she didn't say, is Midnight Sun was one of those people who was interested in him. But, she saw through the game more quickly, because she IS friends with EVERYONE in the family. So she was here watching the fallout and knows where the "volcanic ash" is REALLY originating.

I told GG last night, it's astonishing to me that I can run workshops helping people grasp basic tenets and steps in creating healthy polydynamics; but my own husband refuses to even consider doing them.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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