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To find peace in what you do not have? Stop focusing on what you don't have. Focus on what you DO have.

If what you DO have does not satisfy when you go look at it? Change something. See what you get next.

But then you are not feeding the "longing for stuff I do not have" because your focus on just not on the stuff you do not have. Me?
  • I do not have a limo.
  • I do not have million dollars.
  • I do not have the number of kids I wanted before my illness.
  • I do not have a dog.
  • I do not have...

I could make myself depressed like that not keeping my own thoughts in order.
  • I have an illness.
  • I have a happy kid and happy spouse and general happies myself
  • I have a house
  • I have the kid's mouse
  • I have friends
  • I have weird shoes...

I feel grateful then, thinking about what I have and I see I need to feed the mouse today and I really need to do something about those sandals with the broken strap... I have to tell my spouse he rocks -- I tend to the things I actually have with my energies. Not spend energies in black holes of empty not haves.

It matters HOW you think. Sometimes as much or more WHAT you think.

Dunno if that aids you. Hang in there!

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