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Default Very New Here and looking for personal growth

I am new here and not at all poly. I live in Ontario, Canada and I am a student of life ( about to embark on the third version of my existence above ground) however and find the entire poly area more than just a little fascinating. I am married and really have no intention of becoming poly I really don't think I am wired that way. However, having said that; there is no way I want to "lose" my wife, I believe she is (the real deal) for me and if she were to suggest something I would have a very hard time dealing with it for I simply cannot live without her. I have much life experience having just (two days ago) celebrated my sixty second birthday. I have a better than cordial relationship with my x wife with whom I have one beautiful human being of a daughter who is all grown and living on her own for several years but not married and I have a great relationship with my step children, one girl and one guy, who have given us four grandchildren with certain complications to seeing one of the grandchildren.
I would respond to any and all questions and hope I bring a perspective that is reasonable and tinged with life experience, if anyone is interested to PM me or contact me in any way please feel free.
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