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Default wolves in sheep clothing

well our couple turned out to be swingers claiming they were poly.....sucky for us. I think that it has the possibility to be a good friendship. They seem to be at a different point than we are. It's too bad because I think that things could have turned out differently and they may move to some other point in the future but for now we are again looking I really enjoyed the dynamic between the four of us and it was very open and poly "friendly" but just not really our cup of tea. "swing fast" seems sooo weird to me!!! Don't claim to be poly if you're not....obvious to me

I think that I would enjoy a poly relationship with a couple but there seems to be certain time restraints that I have trouble with. In my polyanna poly dream I aspire to have an integrated life with people and I am not sure how to develop that with people who already have a fairly established existence on their own.

My partner and I have thought about it being perhaps easier to "build a quad" out of single relationships....but still we are open as always to whatever relationships come our way to teach us new things about our own relationship and needs
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