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with poly relationships everyone should look at their relationship as just them as the partner and do they get the emotional , sexual and loving needs out of that relationship, it is hard not to compare but you should never compare how d is with you and how different it is with her.[/I]

I strive not to compare and I usually succeed. However, there is no way for me not to notice how much more time she normally gets - I made my peace with that a long time ago. Luckily, I don't need, nor want, constant contact with a lover.
another issue on time, the problem with having more than one partner is sharing them equal, can you have one weekend each and share the other weekend as a foursome? have two days on week each maybe but set days every week or set weekends so noone feels left out and hopefully everyone will be happy.

We have discussed that, but neither Ka nor myself want to only see him once a month one on one. And he doesn't want that either. We actually tried it when all three relationships were completely separate and it didn't work then, so it wouldn't work now.
maybe not once a month then but equal time thoughout the month then, or when he is with the other person don't make a tally of how many times he sees one girl over the other.

right now are you happy with your relationship with him? and ask the other women if they are, if they are and you are then try to forget the outside negs on your relationship and get them to deal with it as it is not your fault x
in a relationship with A, open to women only.
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