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Actually Nyc-I wasn't being defensive.

I'm taking the thoughts and processing them fully-because I really think if I do, it will help me be more clear cut in my real life and maybe help me to streamline the things I can.

Yes-she's spoiled and that part I think has a lot to do with age.

Ironically-I was like that too-at the same age. She and I have a lot in common if you compare her to when I was her same age.

That's the sad part-is that I could see it working out for them-if they both backed off and gave her a little time to learn about the real world. Experience is key. She grew up in a very very very small community-and frankly-this isn't a large one! LOL! So her worldly experience is limited. Her boyfriend is her first love. I mean really, she's young. She'll learn a lot over time.

Maca needs to get a grip on his competitiveness. It's screwing him over more than anyone else. I see it-but how do you help? Heck if I KNOW!

I write on here, vent my frustration, read everyone's thoughts, re-think my thinking and write it again. In the process I've learned SO SO SO SO much about myself, about communication, about life, about relationships.
*head shake* I've just learned so much. But, he seems to be stuck on that one thing. So focused on his fear of being alone that he can't even see that he's NOT.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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