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As for the boundaries themselves, as well the board knows, they are primarily all for Maca's benefit. He is severely insecure about my relationship with GG. He isn't willing to allow us more freedom. Those boundaries allow him to feel safer in our dynamic.
There could be less if he really actively pursued resolving his insecurities.

But-the basic necessity to deal with me and be companionable with me in order to be invited to participate in family functions will never ever change.

Anyone who wants to be around us as a group will be expected to treat EACH of us appropriately and if they flat refuse to even go to coffee with us-they won't be invited. That is just stupid.

Its also pertinent I suppose, to note, that no potential would be subjected to going over that whole list. Thats OUR list. It details agreed upon definitions for us, because we didnt define relationships the same. So we wrote down an agrred upon definition of what types of things fit under what term.

Likewise, there is no need to tell someone they can't shower in the purple bathroom together. Just take them to the other shower. Same with towels. Those towels are kept in my dresser. Why would anyone be digging in my dresser?!? They are written for our benefit, our understanding of what we need.
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