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Originally Posted by Goddess View Post
There's different terminologies for each. I guess i can't use the word loosely.
Spend a week or two here, and you'll quickly learn that we're pretty rigid about how we use terms on this forum. With a topic like polyamory, we all have to be specific in our communication, or else confusion ensues. Words mean what they mean, and we can't communicate effectively if we all use different versions of the same language.

As far as the BDSM, and i being Dominant,it obviously is implied, and you understand to mean as such.
"Obviously implied" are two words that should never enter a relationship conversation: poly, BDSM, or otherwise. Many a relationship has failed because things that were "obviously implied" were anything but. Many a sub has had his or her heart and soul torn to shreds over things that were "obviously implied."

i feel there's others who are not specific about their wants either, maybe they want some privacy with the matter and require discretion on who they are involved.
That argument never ceases to tire me: "Everyone else is doing it, so that makes it OK." So what if a lot of people are unclear and fail to be specific? As a Domme, do you not strive to rise above the rabble?

I'm not sure where privacy enters into the picture. You're just some anonymous handle on the internet. Anyway, the fact that you posted your picture and location on your profile along with a thread about you being a Domme means you've already blown your privacy clear out of the water.

But i appreciated informing me about the Polyandry, if not this then how do i title my search for MFM?
I get the impression that you're looking for live-in subs first, and poly second. Your title implies the opposite. "Domme seeking committed MFM household" would probably be a more appropriate title, saving the non-submissive men the trouble of checking your personal ad only to realize it's not for them.

It's also unclear whether "relocation possible" applies to you, or them. I guess that's also "obviously implied?" Gods forbid you should be clear in your communication...
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