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It's not about breaking up with him so he can be in a monoship with her forever-and-ever, it's about breaking up with him so YOU can stop enabling his deception. Whether his relationship with her lasts very long doesn't matter. If they break up, then maybe you can get back together.

I can't conceive continuing a sexual relationship with him if he isn't going to own up to it to her.
I think you should set this simple limit: I will not be your lover while you are hiding me from another of your lovers.

You say he's your best friend and you tell each other everything. If this is true, he should be able to tolerate you setting this boundary without it ruining the friendship and emotional connection you say you would like to keep.

Having this as an absolute boundary will also help prevent you from getting into situations like this in the future.
Independent polyperson seeking friendships, in which physical intimacy may or may not develop.

I do not wish to attach to any particular person. My love knows no limits.
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