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Default Polyamory in the News: roundup time again! (Oct 2012)

Activists throw the biggest poly convention anywhere yet. A major newspaper examines the poly movement at length for a million readers. And read *all* about the first polyamory-themed series on mainstream TV, with the community's strong and divergent reactions to it.

If you haven't been keeping up with *Polyamory in the News* ( in the last couple months, here's some of what you missed:

-- OpenSF breaks the record for the largest poly gathering to date. Lots of coverage with one click:

-- In one place, read all about Showtime's seven-part docu-drama *Polyamory: Married and Dating* from this summer. Now the producer has a call out for new families and groups to be interviewed for a possible second season. Could this be you?

-- If so, read Kamala Devi's "How a Reality Show Altered My Reality":

-- A long, reportorial examination of the poly movement appears in a
major mainstream newspaper. This is one to save for your friends and relatives when the occasion calls:

-- "Five Things that Make Polyamorous Relationships Work"; opinions from a longtime therapist in queer and alt-relationship communities:

-- "Surrounded by Love: Our Alternative Family", short and long
versions. It wasn’t easy getting there....

-- "A Polyamorous Quad Welcomes their First Child." Birth story from a family in Massachusetts, with heirloom-quality photo:

-- "Non-Monogamy and Nerdiness at BC Poly Camp":

-- News of a triad's poly paperwork in Brazil suddenly explodes worldwide.
With cute Chinese TV news animation about the poly expansion of marriage

-- Oliver Stone's "Savages" movie and its star triad:

-- A successful gay throuple is profiled in depth by *New York* magazine, and other gay nonmonogamy news:

-- Gays on "What We Can All Learn from the Poly Lifestyle":

-- "Poly, Privilege, Race and Class: New Voices." Personal tales from beyond the usual, courtesy of Modern Poly:

-- And more: browse at

I've done 671 of these reports in the last seven years, covering more than 1,200 items in news media of all kinds. See the Categories sidebar for sorts by topic, date, location and language. I hope you have as much fun browsing these stories as I do finding them!


P.S.: For upcoming cons and gatherings, see ALAN'S LIST of POLYAMORY EVENTS for the coming year. Thirteen are currently listed:

Looking for your LOCAL POLY GROUPS? Here’s how to find them:

If you have a website, could you link to Polyamory in the News please? Thanks.

Happy fall--

Alan M.
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