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I met a lady at the Pride Conference. She attended my polyamory workshop. She was very helpful, gave me some great feedback.
On Sunday, she ended up at an ADD meeting a friend of mine runs. They ended up figuring out that they were both talking about me. LOL!

We're working out details to meet up and talk.

Maca and I talked some last night.
Things remain unresolved with the other girl.
She is struggling to accept that the reason for the boundaries we have aren't "just to protect LR" but in fact those boundaries were created to protect Maca and that as the CURRENT boundaries stand-they are what WE BOTH want for our dynamic.

He reiterated his need for her to sit down with both of us and go over things. She wanted to know what I wanted to talk to her about (as if it remains just ME).
He told her we need to discuss the boundaries, time constraints, expectations.
Her response was that it is all "too complicated".
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