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Op- It is hard I transitioned as a cheater. When I joined the board I was 'the cheater' and my current boyfriend is the man I cheated on my current husband with.
Typing in my phone does force me to 'keep it short and simple'. But, the truth is-IT IS that simple. Getting honest with ourselves is HARD WORK. But, the steps ARE simple.
As a society, we make it complicated with excuses for why we 'can't'.

That said; no, it isn't EASY. Yes it is VERY scary.
But- the truth is always going to have less consequences in the LONG RUN. Like most things in life, the 'quick fix' (lying to protect in this case) is consistently detrimental in the long run.

As a society-we need to stop trying to find and stop accepting the quick fix responses that are literally destroying us. Lying/cheating destroys our relationships. Quick fix foods, meds, diets etc destroy our bodies. Quick fix lessons destroy our learning process, quick fix discipline destroys our parenting.

As this board is for relationship/polydynamics, I won't rant. I will just re-iterate; being real and true and authentic to ourselves is a critical component of being happy, healthy and whole.
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