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if you're looking to socialize and don't have a 'pick-up' agenda OKC is a really great place to hang out on the Alternative Lifestyle forums with the other polyminded folks, engage in some conversation and check out who might be local to you.

Also as nikkiana said if you can't find a local discussion or meetup group locally start one up - we have two in our area and we live in the middle of no man's land - mind you most folks have to drive about an hour or more for the socials but it's wonderful sitting around a table with another 15-20 people talking about anything from shoelaces to what your partners other partners kid did yesterday.

Plus if I'm not mistaken this forum has a place you put things out there on a location for ideas on meet-ups/socials and go from there - always nice when someone takes the lead.

Good luck - I know community, in person has been a blessing for us.
Do you live in New York State - - a place to chat local events and meetups for like minded folks!
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