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No, GalaGirl, this thread is fine where it is. And the back-and-forth is more than welcome. I just regret I am unable to keep up with you all and engage with everyone, point by point.

I also shouldn't have led folks to believe they're going to get frequent and dramatic blow-by-blow accounts of this situation. I understand the value (to others grappling with similar issues) of debating who should do what, when and how. But as I'm sure you understand, we're real people living real lives in real time. I can't, out of a need to protect and respect everyone concerned, repeat word-for-word what I'm told or what I know.

I'd rather relate to this fluid situation by posing questions I think you and others on this board can constructively field. I hope that's not too one sided of me. I really appreciate the insight I've already received.

So in keeping with my last post, I'm interested to hear what general experience you all have had with marriage counselors. Is it unusual, as I suspect, to find mediators who don't automatically equate one spouse falling in love with someone outside the marriage as unacceptable infidelity? Has there been any broadening of minds among the professional class of relationship coaches to consider the legitimacy of polyamory in at least some circumstances?

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