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Default Hello :)

Feels kind of strange to be posting on a new forum again, but what the heck. Even though I'm not exactly sure how to introduce myself on a forum that isn't about my pets or my Jeep, haha.

Anyway, I guess the basics would be the best place to start off with. I'm most commonly known on the interwebs as Charlie, so that's fine to call me. I don't really use my real name unless I know someone well enough that I'm pretty sure they won't be crazy, lol.

I'm a 24 year old, married to a wonderful man, mostly straight female. I say mostly because for the most part girls scare the hell out of me. All of my friends (all two of them ) are guys, but I have had a few crushes on girls.

And I guess my husband and I have reached that point in our relationship where we're both mature enough to think about seeing/dating other people. We've been together since 17, and only ever been with each other, so I guess we're both curious as to what a relationship with someone else will be like. I'd like a triad sort of relationship with another guy, but he's mostly straight (mostly, haha) so I'm just really not sure where to go from here.

So I found this forum! Hello!
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