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Default Welcome

Hi Crummi and welcome.
I hope you find good information here and meet some nice people. Seems to be no shortage of either.
Regarding your situation I'd only caution you about your real motivations. This is not a negative statement in any way ! Just a call to do some honest soul searching. It's obvious to see where you think a "poly" lifestyle might fulfill the sexual needs you mention. I think it's important to say that not only is that highly questionable motivation but it's not even a guaranteed solution.
The issue of sex is just a huge & complex issue - especially within relationships. I feel that the current culture overall is so disconnected with real sexuality that the solution is far out on the horizon. Probably not within our lifetimes.
Add to this the confusion of the role of sexuality within relationships and the whole problem just becomes that much more exaggerated. Many people tend to equate sexuality and love in a strictly one-to-one configuration because that's the culture we're raised in in the western world. For myself and my mate (and many friends), we've always found this about as credible as the moon being made of green cheese.
Your situation is altogether too common. The solutions unfortunately aren't - and "poly" is not likely to be either.
This is why both of us would be full supporters of legalized & controlled prostitution. Let the sexual needs stand alone where they need to and allow everyone to focus more on meaningful relationships and love.

Good luck.

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