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S.Cat-Thanks for your "enter" tip.
I understood your use of "price of admission ",it's a common term and i was simply using it the way i have seen it used. Sorry for any confusion.
Yes, my husband and kids do have annoying habits, but i love them all the same and it's faster to do things yourself in the end (Rather than argue .Saving my nagging for the important issues = picking my battles ). My husband doesn't put the dishes where i put them either, but i am happy that he helps me with the workload.He doesn't put the pegs on the washing the way i like them either!
How did i find your thread?........Just finished reading Sex At Dawn, by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha...They show how far from human nature monogamy really is.This book is brilliant. I would suggest everyone read it .(you may have already ) The book contains many other references and while researching some of them i ended up on this site. Your story caught my attention and here i am .
Have been reading many other books on relationships and sex and am interested in real people and their stories. I have found the discussions here interesting and have enjoyed talking to you.
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