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he keeps getting angry with me if I express any fear at all....whether it be about how we'll manage this style of relationship or even the fact that I'm moving to another state, changing jobs, living with someone after living alone for nearly 20 years, and all the changes coming. I'm excited about starting a life with him. And I'm excited to see how we function in this dynamic. I don't consider myself a jealous person...but that doesn't mean I don't have certain fears. He just won't listen to what those are. So, I'm not finding much comfort from him
What does THAT mean?

He is not comfortable offering you support and nuture when you express fear? He expects you to "lump it" whenever you have a problem? Get the clarify there from him. Why is he angry when you express normal, natural worries when facing a huge life change?

After 5 years of dating him you are past NRE and should to be able to judge his character and his responsiveness to your needs/wants.

You have the right to reasonable support and nurture from your dating partner if you ask for help -- and certainly from a live-in BF!

You express a need for reassurance and he does what?

On jealousy -- try this article. What kind of jealousy do you have? Knowing the kind might suggest a coping method? How willing are you to do page 5 things if you are the jealous one?

And is he going to do page 6 things if you are feeling jealous or not? Give the reassures needed or not?


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