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Thanks for your reply hun.
I do keep hearing myself wanting to say 'i love you' but I fell in love before and he didn't feel the same way and it ruined us, he is going back to america in 7 months and I know this time with him is so special, I do feel that I can handle not telling him and just keeping these feelings to myself.

He said last night he doesn't see us as fb and he enjoys my company and I told him I liked him and he said it back, he does believe in loving more than one person and he has a gf who does know about me but she is in amercia.

I do know it is love with him, I felt this way before with my gf and my ex. I think in time I could bring myself to telling him and he may say it back but as long as I have him in my life then I am happy as I cry thinking about him leaving me
I decided to tell a how I felt and he feels the same he wants to know more about the poly lifestyle etc, how he will fit into my life with my partner and I. I am pretty happy right now xxx
in a relationship with A, open to women only.
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