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Hello PinkRose,
(belatedly) Welcome to our forum.

I don't think you're crazy or have emotional problems. You're just encountering a "polyamorous orientation" within yourself, and your husband is struggling with insecurity or jealousy. Perhaps he doesn't have it in him to deal with polyamory; that happens sometimes.

I can see some wisdom in waiting for awhile, and seeing if your husband has a change of heart. You'll need to be prepared for the extreme scenario, which is, what if he always stays like this, or even gets worse? Do you do nothing, or do you need to seek a new life and let him seek his? It's a haunting question, but one that must be asked.

There have been good comments, and good advice, on this thread. I hope will be of help to you as you try to get these difficult things figured out.

Kevin T.
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