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Originally Posted by happinesswins View Post
Emm - fair comment ,wasn't considering the effect the hurried writing would have on readers, too busy picking up after family .Had other priorities.
I notice when I quote your messages, there are lots of "spaces" but they don't appear in the posts... Just so you know, this forum doesn't post your message when you hit "Enter" so that's the easiest way to put white space in your messages.

Quote: - I wasn't trying to imply that my friends were any better than yours.
I quoted idealist's message about her own friend and then put my response about my friendship directly beneath the quote. That means I was responding to her quote, and it had nothing to do with you.

My use of "price of admission " was not the same as yours. I used it in terms of - the price you must be prepared to pay if you take a risk , or gamble so to speak.
I wouldn't use the term "price of admission " to describe picking up after my husband and kids. Its just life . We all have shit things to do along the way'. Some more shit than others. Better to pick your battles , so we all exist happily in each others company, none of us are perfect.This is not something i see as a price to pay , it just is what it is.
As far as you calling it "my use of 'price of admission'"... it doesn't work that way. In this thread, I used the term first, and defined it by way of linking to the video where I got the term. You ignored my link and chose to make up your own definition, creating confusion because we were using two definitions for the same term. Communication only works if people agree to use the same definitions for terms. I did a quick search, and previous uses of "price of admission" on this forum are consistent with my own.

Perhaps for you, picking up after people isn't a big deal, so it's not one of YOUR prices of admission. When my husband helps put away dishes, he never puts anything where it goes. Ironically, I find that endearing, and rearranging them isn't a price of admission for me.

But I'm sure your husband does at least one thing that drives you nuts, but you put up with it because you love him. Scratching his balls in public? Chewing with his mouth open? Taking all the covers in bed? Using too much salt in his cooking?

You say you "pick your battles" which implies there are potential battles that you choose not to fight. By definition, choosing not to fight those battles IS paying the price of admission. That's exactly what the term means.

In an earlier post, you said you found this site by accident. I noticed that you joined on the same day you first responded to this thread, and that this is the only thread you've participated in. I'm curious, what were you searching that brought you to this thread in particular?
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