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Default finding zen

So i'm going to be blatant and forthcomming, How do i find zen in waiting for my SO to feel she's ready for an open/poly relationship? it has been over a year now, since it was brought to the floor, and eight months since it was agreed upon. I do ok in being alright with not getting the relationship in which i'd like, but every once in a while it really gets me down.

As time goes on, i feel more and more like she wants it less and less. I love her so very much, and no intention or desire to leave. But I'm upset, because I feel like she'll never be, and has no intention or desire to be ready for that kind of relationship. She has told me she wants it and she's told me she doesn't. so i'm not really sure where we stand.

I'm not here asking what i "should" do, I'm here asking how do i find zen with not getting what i need?
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