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Yeah. You need to talk to him and make sure he knows where you're at. He is not a mind reader. If he truly cares about you and values your relationship, he'll respond with something to the effect of, "really hon? I'm sorry to not have been meeting your needs. Let's work together to get our relationship back to the point where we're both feeling good about it. I'll make the time to spend with you and i'll tell my friend you would like to meet her and see what she says. I want to reassure you that i do want to be with you now, and for the foreseeable future. Here are some things you can do or say to help me or get my attention when you feel neglected or lonely because i'm busy with other things." etc.

If he comes back at you with "you're cramping my style, i need my freedom to do whatever, don't expect me to promise you a date night because i want to keep it open in case something better comes up at the last minute", etc, in other words, act like a single "college boy" playing the field, then that is his way of letting you know if you don't like it, you can leave the relationship and he gets to be the one who was dumped and in need of comfort and sympathy - which he has someone to get those things from.

I hope i am wrong but i have seen this happen before and it's pretty obvious when it isn't you who is involved.
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