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Thank you all for responding. I really appreciate the answers you've all given. I know it does sound pretty bad for me, but I really feel that this is just a growing experience for us both. This is uncharted territory and we are both trying to work it out. When we are together we are happy and love each other as much as ever, but those moments are too few in my opinion. I can't ask him to not do his homework with his lab partner though.

I want to ask him to schedule time with me and stick to it. Like a date night at least once a week. I think this is all we can reasonably manage right now with our schedules.

I also want to ask if I can meet the girl. They have only known each other for a month but she knows and understands our situation. I think it would make me feel better if we could get to know each other and form some respect for each other.

Any tips or advice for asking these things?
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