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How about letting him pay for his own school and pay his own bills, or let the other woman support him if he doesn't know if he'll "always love you or not". Seems like he loves you and your wallet just fine for the time being. Sounds to me like one of you is using the other, and the other is being used. Which one of you is doing which? What does he do for YOU? You could be working two jobs and keep what you earn for yourself, to save for your own education or retirement, or you could work one job and have more free time to pursue your own hobbies, interests, and social life. I know you don't want to "give up" on a ten-year relationship, but ten years is not a very long time in the grand scheme, and do you really want to waste even more time and energy on someone who is not giving back to you what you give to them, and in addition to that is giving what little extra attention they have to someone else? tell him to figure out his priorities and tell you what they are, or you'll figure them out by yourself.
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