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Emm - fair comment ,wasn't considering the effect the hurried writing would have on readers, too busy picking up after family .Had other priorities. - I wasn't trying to imply that my friends were any better than yours.I'm glad to hear that she's there for you when you need her too . I never meant that friendships should be like a business transaction, where everyone gets equal benefit. Not even families work that way . Much of the time its one way or the other , but you're happy to make them happy. Of course you should never walk out on a friend in need , you can't call yourself one if you do . A friend doesn't have to be perfect , they just need to be good for your soul.If they make you happy , that's all that matters. My use of "price of admission " was not the same as yours. I used it in terms of - the price you must be prepared to pay if you take a risk , or gamble so to speak. Risking your marriage or having your heart broken are never to be taken lightly , that's why I made a comment on this thread in the first place. I wouldn't use the term "price of admission " to describe picking up after my husband and kids. Its just life . We all have shit things to do along the way'. Some more shit than others. Better to pick your battles , so we all exist happily in each others company, none of us are perfect.This is not something i see as a price to pay , it just is what it is. Wish you all the very best on your adventures, good luck to you all.
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