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The Platinum Rule is a moral principle related to but different from the Golden Rule, saying that "Treat others in the way they like to be treated." This "rule" was initiated by Dr. Tony Alessandra. It is associated with the Jung Personality Traits. He believes that there are four different personalities and if you can find out which one a person is, then you can have a long lasting relationship.

Came across this business-model oriented PDF and found it interesting in the land of communication and conflict resolution.

I would use "need" rather than "expectation" but still... lots to think about. So I wanted to bookmark it.

My hurt friend is struggling with her soon-to-be-ex partner NOT treating her as she wants to be treated. This manual brought up the platinum rule so it made me think of her.

I WISH she was being treated well and in the way she wants to be treated. Sigh.


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