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Originally Posted by tree166 View Post
Anyway, thanks for being honest.
Sure. I'm glad you're willing to take an honest look at it. I know this stuff can be a lot of work to process. If you're willing to take this a little further, I want to point out there is a reason you are attracted to a needy guy like your boyfriend.

There is neediness in you too:
Originally Posted by tree166 View Post
I've spent so much time thinking that there was something wrong with me. Like I'm just jealous or i can't handle it or I'm being crazy. Or if I could just do more or work harder, he wouldn't be so inclined to choose these types of women.
This neediness in you is part (or all - I don't know yet) of the reason you are attracted to him in the first place. Resolve it, and you will move past it. This means you will no longer be attracted to needy people. You will be emotionally available for relationships that are much more vibrant and intimate. Yes, this means you will move past him too.

I'm telling you all of this because you seem to be open to looking at yourself, and I want you to know you can get to a better place. I'll be happy to talk to you more about this if you want.
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