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I read a lot of sci-fi and spend my daydreams concocting fictional living-arrangements/communities as settings for whenever I get around to writing sci-fi of my own.

For urban settings I usually come back to a "flexible pod" model. The "basic unit" would consist of a bedroom big enough for a kingsize bed (couple), two twins (younger children), or a double and a big desk (and older child/student/single adult) - with an attached bath.

Three such units would open into the "activity room" and constitute a "mini-pod". A mini-pod could be utilized by a nuclear type family (two parents and up to four children), a Vee/triad with a few kids, three adults living as roommates, etc. The "activity room" could function as play area, TV room, be divided into workspaces, etc. depending on the needs of the occupants.

Four "mini-pods" would open into a "common area" and constitute a "mega-pod." A mega-pod could be occupied by several nuclear families, two larger families, a poly network, a cohort of students or single adults, etc. The "common area" would contain a large kitchen with chutes for trash/recycling/compost, laundry room and great room/library/living room. Occupants could elect to pool resources for childcare, cooking, cleaning etc. - or NOT. A mega-pod could house 12-24 people.

Stack three mega-pods on top of each other and now you have a complex - housing 36-72 people. Two complexes back to back and you house 72-144 (you could really stack them as high as physics and local building laws allow). You could slide a ground floor under it with "community areas" - daycare, gym, cafeteria, schoolrooms (if the complex is interested in doing a shared-homeschooling model) etc.

For rural areas I envision something more sprawling and communal which would incorporate community gardening, etc. - like the Long family household on Tertius in Heinlein's "Time Enough for Love".

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