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Smile New to the scene--lots of adjustments. Advice?

Hi everyone! Been doing a LOT of investigating about open marriages and very recently opened mine. A number of reasons were involved in this decision. But we are what i believe to be a mono-poly couple. Its getting easier...but is still hard to deal with some of the feelings of jealousy and insecurity. My husband's "friend with benefits" is a very good friend of ours. Hubby and i have talked extensively about this lifestyle communication is good. Trust and honesty are there completely. But sometimes i just cant get over the beong that i am not ready yet for there to be an "in love" type of involvement. Maybe one day but not yet.
I do not wish to be poly. Surprisingly, and im sure some will disagree... my husband DOES meet every one of my needs. Any advice on making this journey easier? Anything the books out there dont tell you...good or bad? Thanks all!! Glad to be here.
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