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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
Ka is not asking whether they engage in particular acts, she knows they do. When and how often is absolutely none of her business. It only feeds her insecurity, and has absolutely no effect on her safety.

Clearly, she does have qualms about being intimate with someone who is intimate with others. Why she's still in a polyamorous relationship is beyond me, she doesn't really seem cut out for it.
I've noticed that there are some people who try to be "poly" as a test to see if their significant other really loves them. Like, they let them go to other people, but they are always the best and they always get the most time, and maybe their SO eventually decides that even after all that shopping around, there is really no one but them.

It is kind of an insecurity thing, and not a good place to start poly from. If you are being poly to play the comparison game and to prove how you stand up in comparison to others, you are setting yourself and your partner up for a lot of hurt and resentment, and should probably stick to swinging if anything.
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