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Originally Posted by darkwillows View Post
I jokingly told him "I think we've been caught!" Well turns out I was right; she told my husband the other day that I was in there with another guy! He told her "he's a good friend we've known for ten years" (which is true) and she had the decency to look ashamed. Thankfully we all just found it funny; we don't care what other people think. I tokd my husband he should bring in his gf and REALLY confuse the lady!
I feel for people put in this situation. On the infidelity board I used to go to (I'm divorced due to infidelity among other things), this is always a big discussion, and a source of great pain, when people knew the cheating was going on and didn't let the betrayed spouse know. It feels like more betrayal when everyone around you knew and said nothing.
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