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Originally Posted by notalways View Post
Tried to fit my question in the title box but I don't think it made a lot of sense. This question mostly applies to people who are not fully out as poly, I am out among some friends, not others, and no family. I was wondering if there places you frequent, like restaurants, that at one your a couple with one partner and friends with the other. A few months ago I asked my boyfriend that he if he went to the bar we frequent (they know us by name) with his other girlfriend they keep the PDA down and try and just act like friends. He had no problem with it and we even picked another place were if I am there with him we are just friends. However I am starting to feel kind of bad about putting this type of restriction on him even though he has in no way shown any upset over it. I just want to know if this is normal? I don't like the idea of people thinking he is cheating on me and I imagine that would be most people's first assumption.
I have been to a few places with my different partners and one lover, I think if you are in a open relationship ( as everyone including family know) it would be ok but if there has been a rule put in place to not to go to the same places then it should be respected. x
in a relationship with A, open to women only.
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