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In a nearly as hard-hearted manner, I did tell him that.

I'm in my 4th semester of school and this week I apply for acceptance to my degree program (pulling straight A's so far). My degree is Psychology, my focus is suicide.
I can honestly say-I was NOT and AM NOT impressed with this latest in his long line of using me as his scapegoat (which is one of two words I used when speaking to him-the other was whipping post) for every single thing that goes wrong in his life.
I am completely unimpressed with the pointed suicidal comments and my reaction to being told them was to tell him that was idiotic. I didn't yell or even open my eyes. I just replied "that was idiotic". He got his feelings hurt-but frankly at this point, what else is there for him to do? He needs to get his feelings hurt by his stupid choices and make different choices.

I don't know where it will go from here. I am waiting out the "everyone is sick as a dog" place-but I'm doing it from a distance. He's not happy about my distance, he's moody, needy, emotional. But, he did it all to himself and honestly-
all of the love in the world isn't helpful if he isn't willing to get his own head out of his ass AND MAINTAIN his commitment to fixing all that is wrong inside.

Today, GG and I are taking Sour Pea to town. They are going to the zoo while I'm in class. I have a few meetings after class, then this evening we're going to the game night with the lgbt club at school (that I unexpectedly became president of 2 weeks ago).
Tomorrow is Pride Conference and I am a speaker in one of the workshops (on suicide)and I am running another (on polyamory). I had previously invited Maca to go. But, I took back my invite after this latest episode.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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