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Unless you think there is a danger of your family finding out or something else (like you are worried you might lose your job), I usually don't care too much what people think of us. There is a local tavern we frequent where my fiance and I are known to be together by at least two staff members there. They know us by name, we usually request their section, and we've discussed our wedding plans with them. My boyfriend usually comes along with my fiance and I, but I haven't been there too often with just my boyfriend. I'm not super affectionate with either one of them while we're there, but I do sometimes hold hands and stuff.

I'm doing it slowly and leaving them room to notice and ignore it, but if asked I will answer honestly. I'm not really too worried about it, because I am already out to my local family and my fiance's family lives far away.

I guess it just depends on your situation, but I really don't care what employees at a restaurant or bar I frequent really think. I'm aware that I might be shattering some of their worldviews, so I'm doing it slowly and giving them a chance to ask questions, but ultimately there is no harm done if they disapprove.
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