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Dear LR,

I've had too many things on my hands to be able to catch [as I promised] up on this thread from the last time that I was active here, but reading these latest posts today has been a mind-blower!

There are people who need to suffer. And some of those need to push the blame on their suffering on others... often on people who love them. ["The World hates me, but that I can deal with. It's the way you hurt me that's difficult to handle."] Perhaps this isn't exactly what Maca is doing, but asking for you to take responsibility for his life [TELL ME what to do] and then blaming you for nagging him is diseased. And telling you that he's moving out then being angry at your inability/unwillingness to respond at that time
This morning at 6am he woke me on the couch being sweet, told me he would be back to pack his things after work. [...]
Then he stormed out of the house in a fury.
is a classic example of emotional blackmail.

YOU're the one to blame, LR! Can you live with that? Long term? Is this going to change?

Sometimes "suicide attempts" are one of the biggest guns in emotional blackmail. ["It was YOUR fault that I killed / TRIED to kill myself!"]

This is going to sound hard-hearted, but if it were me, I'd considering telling him: "Get your shit together by yourself; ask me honestly for help - then appreciate it; get professional help... or take more of those pills. It's not up to me, it's up to you."

[And don't blame me if he does it...]
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