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Default Architecture Student Seeking Help!

Hi everyone!

I'm so excited to be here and look forward to getting to know this community! A bit about myself. I'm an architecture student living in Southern Ontario. The architecture lifestyle is busy, but when I'm not drafting I like to run, play piano and cook (vegan) meals. Once I graduate I hope to move to and practise in the North, maybe Whitehorse or Anchorage.

I have been in a responsibly non-monogamous relationship for a little over a year. My partner and I are very interested in group relationships and have been on the lookout for another like-minded couple to date. However we're both pretty picky when it comes to romantic and sexual partners, plus in our age group it's not easy finding people willing to explore that kind of relationship. We also don't live in the same city. So, I'm not sure if our relationship qualifies as polyamorous, but we are certainly encourage each other to form other intimate relationships. At the moment we are only dating each other, and it's a very warm, supportive relationship.

Now, while I'm very keen to be part of this community, right now I have a more specific agenda, and I need the help of other members. In school we have been given the task of designing a residence for 100 people, one that addresses contemporary domestic issues such as ever-increasing mortgage rates, the isolation caused by personal computing, and the need to densify urban dwellings. What I had in mind was a residence for the polyamorous, a dwelling in which large families with 3 or more adults can find adequate space, as well as a network of other poly families. I think the model of a single-family home living in a Victorian house does not fit in the modern urban fabric and polyamorous housing seems like a viable solution.

What do you guys think? Good idea/bad idea? If you could design a residence for 100 polyamorous people what would you like to see in it? How would you divide the space? What would be private, and what would be common? All input is appreciated!

Thanks so much, and I look forward to getting to know you,

Eden Jane
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