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Last night was a little tough.

I had a wonderful early evening - dinner with a very dear and valued friend. Then a quick chat with my SO (loving words, hugs and kisses at the bus stop). Also was able to make another friend smile by letting him know I would come and see him perform - he was really pleased about it and that made me happy.

But then in the night, my old love was unsettled and agitated and unwell. Some of the night reminded me of conversations I had last year with Mum about Dad and the progression of his illness.

The echoes were there and I lay in bed for a while crying.

I am so glad for my old love's presence in my life and feel blessed to have known him and been able to walk through life beside him for so long. My Mum, who is not at all spiritual and who was strongly opposed to the relationship at first, considers my old love and I to be twin souls.

Writing that stuff down helps I think and now I'm off to tackle the day. Lots to do and fun to be had I think.

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