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Originally Posted by SkylerSquirrel View Post
So becoming a parent means you should no longer have principles?

I think what you are trying to suggest is that in this case one principle (making sure her child is well provided for) should trump another (not seeking state involvement). Not that she shouldn't stick to her principles in general.
My Ethics philosophy is a little rusty, and "principles" may not be exactly the right word. Quick search leads me to believe "principles" basically means "moral code," in which case you're correct that caring for your child is a matter of principles. Perhaps "beliefs" would be more appropriate than "principles."

And you're right. Of course you need not give up all your beliefs when you have kids, only those that are in conflict your primary responsibility to provide a safe and healthy home environment for your child. That's precisely why we need state involvement: some people have messed up beliefs, like thinking that marrying your 13 year old daughter to a 57 year old man who claims to be the prophet of god is a good thing to do.
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