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Hear hear, sistah!

I mean, it's one thing to be in a relationship with someone who wants kids and you don't want kids. There actually are lots of people out there who want kids, so it's not unrealistic to think he could leave and find a woman who wants kids.

But if he wants to be in a love commune, he'll pretty much have to find one that already exists, make sure it hasn't reached its "penis quota," and pray that they're currently accepting applications.

Has he ever seen this work in real life? Does he know anybody living this lifestyle? Has he ever met even one single person who would be willing to do this? I don't know why I'm so bent on getting inside his head, I just don't understand some people...

Even if you were going to fake it, I envision a situation where he finds a woman dedicated to this crazy idea, but it turns out that you and she are incompatible for other reasons. Then, is he going to say "you never even wanted this, so you're just not giving her a chance" or is he going to respect your feelings?
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