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Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion View Post
I was figuring that someone who likes "bacon, guns, and zombies", isn't going to be deterred by a little FB sparing. Her skin would be thicker than that. No worries.
True enough, although she did participate at the beginning of the thread. I suspect she just isn't so invested in fighting about it. Today she brought Mono some books for me. Nice! not sure what I think and feel about it all, so I'm not examining it at all. I'm more interested in Mono's response than anything else.

I've been really happy lately. I love the attention I have been able to give to my loves during their birthdays. I'm broke and exhausted, but content and feel that I have adequately shown them how much I live them. It spreads once I start I find. I want to give and show love in gallons. PN hasn't missed out. Even if it isn't his birthday. I've just been showing him I love and appreciate him in smaller, less expensive and time using ways.

Mono is next. My dear sweet Mono. Oh he's going to be loved up something fierce! After that I will need a me break.
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