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Originally Posted by ThatGirlInGray View Post
Funny how no one should call you rude or offensive, nycindie, cause you're "just some stranger on the internet", but you seem to feel awfully justified in being prickly and defensive back to "just strangers on the internet".
I didn't say "no one should." I said the OP didn't need to, and I simply explained the reasoning behind my other post and apologized if I had misunderstood. I would hardly call further explanation and an apology "prickly and defensive;" nor would I say I felt "justified" to say anything. I might not have visited that thread for another week or more, so it's not like I was incredibly motivated to respond again. I have no reason to be defensive. I was simply surprised, when I did see it, that the OP found what I wrote "offensive and rude," so I wondered if I'd misunderstood the issue. In that light, I felt an explanation was perhaps in order, and I apologized. But since you have a problem with pretty much anything I post anyway, your opinion about me doesn't add up to much.

Originally Posted by ThatGirlInGray View Post
Oh lighten the hell up. She never said he told her she COULDN'T date other women, from what was posted he's not even close to the point of trying to "make a call" or hold her back. They're DISCUSSING it.
Oh you lighten up. No need for such bitchiness. The OP stated in her first post that she has a girlfriend and a primary. She's trying to manage a schedule for both of them and then comes back and says that her primary got "clingy and pouty" and that he seems to only approve of them sleeping together but not dating, so "it might not be so easy" for her to work out a schedule. It doesn't really matter where they are in discussing it, I offered my opinion, which is what she came to the internet for, and has the choice of discarding or not, as she sees fit. If I was wrong in my assessment of the situation, I explained where I was coming from and apologized for the misunderstanding. My explanation and apology didn't really warrant any further debate from anyone, but you go ahead and grind it into the ground if that floats your boat.

Originally Posted by ThatGirlInGray View Post
Someone overreacting a bit, perhaps, due to the presence of certain emotions in her own relationship?
Huh? That doesn't even make any sense to me. I don't have a primary telling me whom I can or cannot date. And I have enough experience to know when to separate shit from my own life when looking at someone else's shit. Your attempt to hurt me with that last remark has failed.
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