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Originally Posted by nerdyred View Post
Is it better to be poly and BI or would it be better to have non-bi too? If you have an idea please post...

Currently I am single and I am want to have a good long term relationship with people who share some of my passions. I really don't want to make too many mistakes so I thought I would ask first, and it sounds like there are many different and informative people here so I was hoping if anyone has tried both as a poly what where the issues, what worked and what didn't?
Making mistakes is awesome. Everything really useful that I've ever learned was the result of a mistake, either my own or someone else's.

But I agree with nyc. Either you're bi, or you're not bi. I've never met someone who could flip a switch and become one or the other.

FWIW, my first serious poly relationship* was also my first serious homosexual relationship. There were no negative consequences from combining the two.

Just go slowly, be honest to yourself and your potential partners, and you'll do fine.

*Clarification: I guess my marriage was a "poly relationship" all along, in principle... but I mean the first time I date another person while being married, that other person was same-sex.
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