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To me, it's not so much the number as the reason.

My husband and girlfriend both went through periods in their youth where they used sex to boost their self-esteem and as a coping mechanism for childhood trauma. Neither one of them has the faintest idea how many people they've slept with, they just know it was a lot. They've both now dealt with their issues in a healthy way, and no longer feel the need to have sex as a substitute for love.

If I met someone who was still having lots of sex for what I think of as the "wrong reasons," I would probably avoid any type relationship with that person. I'm at a point in my life where I need to surround myself with people who are healthy and happy. I've spent most of my adult life being my bipolar mom's "rock," I don't need to take on any other people's emotional issues.

Originally Posted by HopeLessRomantic View Post
i think number only matters if ur the type to sleep with alot of strangers & without protection, then naturally it matters for obvious reasons. but how many ppl are honestly going to admit they have gone in the raw more usual than not?
As long as they test clean for all STIs, I don't think it even matters then. The past is the past. Everyone's done things they're not proud of, it's human nature to make mistakes. What matters is how you handle yourself afterwards.
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