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No I can't get him admitted against his wishes. I can contact the courts to request that, then go to court in 30 days and argue my case, but, by that time, he can say he no longer feels that way and the case gets tossed out.
Damned if you do and damned if you don't? May as well DO then and at least try to save his life and get him to a healing place.

If you are done, break up. Notify his next of kin and get you to a safer place. That is STILL trying to make changes to get him to a healthier space -- just you not leading the charge and getting YOU to a different healthy place.

My dad played that game with me. I kept giving it right back. I had to clock 2 different attempts before I could petition a judge to give me a court order to bag my dad against his will and put him in for involuntary evaluation.

That's the last resort thing here. Doc refer first if you go willing, then 911 catch you in the act next but they have to actually CATCH you having a cow in the heat of the moment, THEN the judge petition is the last resort.

It was tense times wondering what wacky he'd get up to in the meanwhile but we made it. We bagged him and he got his dx and meds. He's still a handful elder running around but he's not being a danger to himself or others any more. Thank goodness for meds!

If your own people will not do this for you, who will? The neighbors? Strangers?

I know it is hard. But don't get paralyzed or go numb. Or if you feel like you are, turn to your other people to aid you. Around it, over it, under it - there is always another way. Find the way.

Hang in there.

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