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Default How far do you go for your metamours?

I kinda posted about this in my blog but I really could use a discussion which may not come from there.

Peaseblossum lost her phone recently. Even though Darkeyes lives with her most days either he isn't there or she's with her mom. They don't have internet at their place yet. She's really scared about feeling isolated from everyone because of distance and not being able to call/text on a regular basis. And there's some fears that if she isn't around her friendships with us and her relationship with Primal will end up disappearing. Even when she's at her mom's when she can use phone/internet there she's not going to be able to have a lot of contact because her mom doesn't approve of her relationship at all.

Before all of this happened most weeks she'd only get about 1.5 days a week to actually be with any of us (including Primal) but could talk to us all every day. Now that talking aspect is gone and just because of schedules/work/obligations she's not going to really have more chances for person to person contact.

How do I help with making sure things are okay?
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