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Originally Posted by Invi View Post
thinker, I'm aware it's not a stable situation, but frankly it wouldn't matter if we were married because we are both very much opposed to the State being involved in private matters. Neither of us would ever push for child support or alimony, so it's a moot point. I'd be just as penniless if we had a marriage license.
In your situation, you would be eligible for child support, with or without a marriage. It's his kid too, why shouldn't he support his son?

"Neither of us would ever push for child support or alimony"... Well obviously he wouldn't, because you have no job or money. It's one thing to make such claims when you're being supported in a relationship... it's quite another thing to say so when your son is wondering why you never have any money, and you're forced to answer that it's because Mommy is too stubborn to make use a system designed to protect people in your situation.

It's all fine and dandy to say "I'm opposed to State involvement" ... but does that really outweigh your child's need for financial security?

As an individual, you have every right to stick to your principles. But the moment you gave birth, you gave up that right in exchange for the responsibility of caring for another human being.

It makes me think of people who are too proud to accept charity, so they let their kids sleep on cardboard and starve instead. I'm sorry, but I have zero tolerance for that kind of thing.

Make the bastard pay.
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