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I think nerdyred meant this in a practical way. Wondering if it's 'too much' to be either venturing into both poly/bi simultaneously, ( simply wondering if there is a 'baby steps' approach. )
Or merely musing out-loud, so she knows which way things generally flow.

In any event, I think she was just trying to prepare herself.

To answer your question nerdyred, many straight women do feel in a minority, but my experience tells me it is closer to 50/50.

I have seen people throw all kinds of new in the same pot, ( bi, multiple people, multiple relationships ) and still come out the other side, intact. While I have seen others who go slow, add one thing in at a time, ( orientation, then poly, with one relationship at a time. ) and still fall apart.

Like most things in life, it's gut instinct, and everything in moderation.

The mix of the people involved, and their ability to be honest with themselves, determines the outcome more then anything.
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