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*eye roll* Job does what it says and then I get offered an interview. They are willing to work around work so totally taking it (it's actually something I really enjoy doing).

How do you help out with a meta/paramour (I don't know what to call Peaseblossum, we were heading to more of a paramour level until we each hurt each other and are currently repairing all of that) when she lives a bit away from most of the people, currently doesn't have a phone/internet, and time doesn't always work out for her to either come down to us or us up to her? She's worried about feeling isolated and her not being around hurting her relationship with Primal and her friendships with everyone else. It's really hard right now because her grandmother was just diagnosed with breast cancer and the only place she has phone/internet is when she's at her mom's but she won't really be able to talk to us (espeically Primal) much because her mom thinks her being in a relationship with someone who isn't only with her (especially since he's married) is just her being used as a play toy to cheat on people with so she's very against them being together.

I wish I knew how to help her.
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